Through the power of lived experience, we inspire and onboard targeted cohorts of potential leader peacemakers.



We develop, sustain, and equip a practitioner network of peacemakers across the United States.



We design, develop, and support our network to participate in advocacy and organizing work.



Our unique theory of change has sparked a movement transforming America’s relationship to the Holy Land and conflict worldwide..

The Principles and Practices of Peacemaking

What is Peacemaking?

Peacemaking presumes that while conflict and discord are inevitable, disagreement and difference can help guide us to a world in which we can all flourish.

Peacemaking is a courageous, countercultural way of engaging each other and our world. It is a radical commitment to put our deepest values into lived practice. It is deeply rooted in the world’s great faith traditions, as well as basic principles of what it means to be a good human.

As peacemakers we choose to live into a story greater than ourselves or our community alone. We believe we cannot deny our neighbor what we would want for ourselves. So we work to maximize human agency, dignity and freedom.

We do this by committing to a deeply personal, transformative journey–one that can help us co-create a different, and better, reality for all.

We also recognize that we all have a role: from teachers to diplomats, artists to politicians, stay-at-home parents to entrepreneurs, students to police officers, liberals to conservatives, activists to faith leaders–anyone and everyone who believes in the possibility of a greater good and who is willing to risk for it.

These principles and practices articulate the conceptual and moral foundations of just peacemaking. When properly applied, they can help us address seemingly intractable interpersonal and international conflict, guiding us to a better place on issues as varied as war, human and civil rights, entrenched oppression, the environment, local and global security, governance, human migration, and inequality.

Principles of Peacemaking

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Practices of Peacemaking

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