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Short Articles/Analysis

A variety of perspectives through articles and political analysis on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

The Story of Sami Huraini and a Youth-Led Palestinian Protest Movement by Jonathan Shamir and George Blovosky

A Common Friend to Arabs and Jews by Lynee Hybels

Borders and Territory by Melissa Weintraub in partnership with the Telos Group

Israeli Occupation is Poisoning America’s Democracy by Lara Friedman

Tedx Talk by Robi Damelin

The Significance of Jerusalem: A Muslim Perspective by Ziad Abu Amr

Defeating Dependency, Creating a Resistance Economy by Alaa Tartir, Sam Bahour, Samer Abdelnour

Audio/Podcasts for Israel/Palestine

A list of podcasts and audio discussing various topics within Israel/Palestine. Also make sure to check out Telos’s own podcast, Undaunted and Check-In, where we also discuss things happening in Israel/Palestine, the United States, and topics on peacemaking!

Occupied Thoughts: FMEP Podcast

Peter Beinart, FMEP staff, and guests take a deep dive into issues related to Israel, Palestine, and occupation. This podcast is a project of the Foundation for Middle East Peace (

Israeli Settlements 360

A podcast covering what everyone needs to know about Israeli settlements.

Telos in the News

Resources exploring Israel/Palestine and Pro-Pro-Pro Peacemaking by or featuring members on the Telos team.

Evangelical Christians Must Rethink Their Reflexive Support For Israel by Greg Khalil

Peacemaking is the Essential Work of Our Time by Todd Deatherage

How to Heal Our Divides with the Reformed Journal Podcast, Brain Allain, and Todd Deatherage

An Interview with Todd Deatherage about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Peacemaking from Newsworthy with Norsworthy

Israel, Palestine, and Mutual Flourishing with Greg Khalil from the Eternal Currents Podcast

Israel-Palestine Conflict and Making Peace with Todd Deatherage Lisa Jernigan from Beyond the Lines Podcast

How to Actually Fight for Peace in Israel/Palestine, an interview with Todd Deatherage on Relevant Magazine

Questioning the Covenant, Jewish Currents

Meet the Group Trying to Change Evangelical Minds About Israel, Politico

Does the U.S. Embassy’s Move to Jerusalem Matter, interview with Todd Deatherage on Relevant Magazine

Taste of Holy Land from Telos alumni Lynn Dugan 

Breaking the Cycle by Sharon Hoeck

What to Do About Angry Christianity by Todd Deatherage

Evangelical, Pro-Israel, and Pro-Palestine by Todd Deatherage


Telos perspectives on essential developments from the region.





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