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Director of US Programming

Title: Director of US Programming

Reports to: Executive Director & President

Location: Washington D.C. 

Timeline: Immediate hire


The Telos Group is an American not-for-profit organization that forms communities of peacemakers to transform seemingly intractable conflict. We are seeking a Director of US Programming to shape, lead, and ultimately scale a new program focused on the United States.

While historically, Telos has focused on one critical aspect of one internationalized conflict: America’s relationship to Israel/Palestine, our unique multi-partisan, multi-faith, multi-racial network has increasingly begun to engage other issues, especially those that uniquely face the US. Our new program which this position would grow and lead, equips Americans to engage and reimagine our complex history and lived realities—especially related to race and inequity.

Committed to unleashing the agency of diverse groups of engaged and impactful citizen-advocates, we believe that everyone has a role to play in creating a more equitable and sustainable world. We have innovated a unique model of conflict transformation that leads cohorts of leaders and their communities through immersive, transformative experiences and then equips them to be lifelong peacemakers – inspiring and shaping tangible impact on supposedly intractable issues.  Because the community we’ve built related to our international issues is politically, theologically, and racially diverse, we believe our community and our methodology is primed to play a unique role in addressing domestic divides, especially around race. 

The Director of US Programming will recognize a rare opportunity to join a dynamic, innovative, and justice-focused organization at a unique moment in its evolution. They will be responsible for overseeing the replication, refinement, and scaling of our methodology. Initially, the Director will build curricula for pre- and post-trip engagement; oversee and help design programmatic strategy; schedule and implement tailored immersive experiences (currently An American Pilgrimage); and begin building and managing a team of program coordinators and consultants to scale this program.  

This is a unique opportunity for a leader with vision, ambition, and commitment to help build and scale a proven model for broad cultural and real-world impact. The ideal candidate will embody Telos’ ethos while bringing a rich background in engaging with the history of race and inequity in America, the themes and practices of reconciliation both in American Christian and secular contexts, strong public communication skills, and an ability to work deeply with the full diversity of Telos stakeholders. 

Complexity and controversy won’t dissuade the right candidate: Our change theory works, but it is not simple. Both the issues we work on and our model invite spirited criticism from across the political spectrum. Our team is based in various geographies and, like our core network of nearly 2,000 American leaders, is diverse in background, theology and ideology.

As an equal opportunity employer, Telos recognizes the power of a diverse community and strongly encourages applications from individuals with varied experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds.


Telos provides a benefit package including competitive salary (commensurate with experience), generous paid vacation, employer matched retirement savings options, and healthcare.

The Program Director will:

  • With Telos staff, board, stakeholders and partners, oversee the development of multi-year program strategy
  • Cultivate relationships of trust with engaged communities and leaders across the U.S. but particularly in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama where our immersive travel program currently takes place. 

  • Develop and maintain lists of varied resources and materials for the wide breadth of Telos’ network.
  • Travel, as necessary, to serve in new and engaged Telos communities. 

  • Work with existing Telos staff and partners to refine the current American Pilgrimage.
  • Develop pre- and post-travel curricula to maintain travel program alumni engagement.
  • Help support the development of relevant video, podcast, and written resources to educate and equip Telos’ network for advocacy around the issues of inequity and race.
  • Lead 8-10 Telos trips per year in the U.S. South, including giving historical briefings and facilitating group processing.
  • Engage scholars, theologians, and practitioners with expertise in peacemaking and related fields to deepen understanding of the scholarship and better relate it to the work of embodied peacemaking in the U.S.
  • With Telos staff, oversee the pricing and sustainability of trip offerings.
  • Manage program budget and oversee financial reports related to programming.


Required Qualifications and Desired Experience:

  • At least a BA degree in the broader field of social sciences.
  • 5-8+ years of experience in fields related to race and inequity in the U.S., peacemaking, community engagement
  • Work experience in project coordination, logistical support, and event/travel planning;
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills; 
  • Experience in prominent event and delegation management;
  • Strong financial management skills and a background in the social impact or private sector is preferred;
  • A strong, intrapreneurial work ethic, including the ability to meet tight deadlines while traveling and proactively manage workflow;
  • A willingness to work on a small but growing and dynamic team;
  • Strong facilitation skills to be able to lead diverse groups of people through complex and difficult conversations; and
  • An ability to travel regularly and support or lead trips for the first years.


  • Commitment to Telos mission and values, especially our Principles & Practices of Peacemaking;
  • Strong interpersonal skills in multicultural settings, including a background in facilitation;
  • Proven ability to work under pressure and with a small team;
  • Ability and desire to lead, work with and regularly serve, diverse group of people with often different and difficult viewpoints on issues that matter;
  • Intrapreneurial and self-motivated
  • Well-organized with attention to detail, even while managing multiple roles simultaneously (e.g. leading trips);
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Customer service orientation
  • Ability to manage and inspire others towards a larger purpose

Application timeline

To apply for this position, please send your resume and a cover letter explaining your interest and qualification for the role to [email protected]. We will be considering applications for immediate hire on a rolling basis and will contact you within two weeks of receipt to let you know if we are interested in speaking with you further about your candidacy. Email to Apply.