Undaunted: Stories to Set Us Free

Undaunted: Stories are mini-documentaries that draw us into the lives of peacemakers building a world where all of us can flourish.

In our divided and dangerous world, how can we choose peace? Join us on our journey to find answers, guided by radical peacemakers and their stories from the front-lines.

When conflict and violence seem to cage us, these stories serve as our key to unlocking a new possibility: a future where all of us are free.

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Episode 1: Elias Chacour

When forces of the nascent Israeli state destroyed his village, Elias Chacour’s life was dramatically changed. Yet Elias refuses to see an enemy in the people who ruptured life as he knew it. Instead, he chooses to see them as his “blood brothers.” But this brotherhood isn’t passivity—it’s accountability. With exemplary love and stubborn resilience, Elias Chacour demonstrates what it means to see humanity in your enemy, while still courageously claiming your own.