A 6-month peacemaking training program for Christian leaders



Bring peacemaking to your congregation and community.

Join us January – June, 2024


The Telos Peacemakers Cohort brings together a select group of American Christian leaders, offering them unique immersive experiences, in-depth teaching from paradigm–shifting peacemakers, and space for candid conversations.


Cohort participants travel with us through our two immersive experiences in Israel/Palestine and the US South.

These journeys offer an unparalleled opportunity to explore the historic and contemporary sources of conflict and what it will take to transform it.


Experience both the beauty and the brokenness of the modern Holy Land. While enjoying delicious local cuisine, beautiful scenery, and ancient holy sites, you’ll also be grappling with one of the worlds’ thorniest conflicts by engaging a variety of perspectives on both sides. In all of this, you’ll come alongside those who are suffering the effects of injustice, insecurity, discrimination, and dehumanization. And you’ll be inspired by those Israelis and Palestinians—Jews, Christians and Muslims—who are pursuing justice, peacemaking and reconciliation. This kind of pilgrimage has the power to be one of the most transformational experiences of your life.

ReStory US

The story of America is uniquely aspirational. Yet its story has been fractured, leaving a legacy of inequality, injustice, and division today. But while our past informs our present, it doesn’t have to dictate our future. By telling a more true and honest story of America’s past, we can begin the work of repair and transform our future into one in which all of us can be free. This experience will uniquely equip Christian leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate controversial issues in the US, and engage in the work of peacemaking and justice in their own communities.

Peacemakers Retreat

In a society that demands action without contemplation, we prioritize the inward journey of peacemaking as much as the outward journey of action. We gather in a beautiful retreat space for a time of reflection, contemplation, and strategizing to close the program and commission is unto our work beyond the experience.


As polarization and conflict divide and disempower the church, learn what it means to be a peacemaking disciple/r.

Through relationships and seminars with paradigm-shifting peacemakers, build the skills necessary to lead your ministry, congregation, and community through conflict and injustice into flourishing.

Cohorts meet virtually six times over the program for seminars with cohort guides and experts, discussing issues like:

  • Conceptions of justice

  • The Church and weaponization of theology

  • Ubuntu theology


Join a cohort of other leaders navigating changing church cultures and contexts. In a time of isolation and burnout for church leaders, the Peacemakers Cohort is meant to provide a space for collaboration, encouragement, and rest for church leaders.


“The Peacemakers Cohort helped to solidify in my mind what it means to be a peacemaker…The more that Christians practice [peacemaking] in their everyday lives and are empowered by and follow promptings from the Holy Spirit, the more that God’s shalom will be witnessed in our communities and around the world.”

Rev. Lisa Woicik, University Place Presbyterian

“The Peacemakers Cohort was incredibly helpful in that it gave me a framework for thinking about the work of nonviolence and peacemaking in the context of our local church community through prayer, pilgrimage, policy, and projects.”

Rev. Paul Paino, Sanctuary Tulsa


David Katibah, Director of Communications and Christian Engagement

David Katibah, Director of Communications and Christian Engagement. David grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he studied Economics, Political Science, and Philosophy. Prior to joining Telos, he spent time living and working with faith communities in East Asia, and studying at various theological institutions across North America.

David is passionate about supporting transitional justice and conflict transformation efforts in the Middle East. He also believes in the transformative power of American Christian communities claiming their call to be peacemakers. His voice can be heard hosting the Telos Check-in podcast, and his writing can be read on his substack, “Awakenings.”

Todd Deatherage, Executive Director

Todd Deatherage, Executive Director. Todd spent sixteen years in senior positions in the legislative and executive branches of the U.S. government before co-founding the Telos Group. From 2005 to 2009, he was Chief of Staff in the Secretary of State’s Office of Policy Planning at the U.S. State Department. He also spent two years as Senior Advisor in the Department’s Office of International Religious Freedom, where he specialized in religious freedom in the Middle East. Todd worked for a decade in the U.S. Congress, including six years as Chief of Staff to Senator Tim Hutchinson. He is a native Arkansan and a graduate of the University of Arkansas. He began his career as an educator. He and his family live in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Yvonne Holden, Director of US Programming

Yvonne Holden, Director of US Programming. Yvonne is a Chicago native who is based in New Orleans. She is energized by finding the threads that connect us to each other. Before joining Telos, she served as the Director of Visitor Experience and Operations at Whitney Institute, a non-profit whose mission is to educate the public about the history and legacies of slavery in the United States on the historic site of Whitney Plantation. There she witnessed how history has the power to facilitate profound transformation.

Through her career she has worked in and with organizations to ensure and advance equity and diversity through her roles in operations, human resources, and program development. In these roles she prioritized embedding care practices and diversity awareness in organizational structure.

Recently, she has served as a board member for Turning Tables and Resistance Served, two New Orleans-based non-profits that provide education and training resources for hospitality professionals in the community.

David Gungor, Cohort Guide & Digital Storyteller

David Gungor, Cohort Guide and Digital Storyteller. David and Kate Gungor are based in New York City with their four children. David is a musician, a pastor at Good Shepherd NY, a producer, and the Digital Storyteller for Telos. David recently graduated from General Seminary, where he received a masters degree in ministry with an emphasis on peacemaking.

David is also a producer and songwriter, and is in a band called The Brilliance. The Brilliance creates art that inspires empathy. Much of the Brilliance art has been inspired by Telos over the years. The Brilliance acoustic-electronic, symphonic-pop songs invite you to step outside yourself; to see the world through the eyes of the other, the stranger, those you may consider your enemy. Alongside performing national U.S. tours and appearing at the MET’s Charity Water Gala, The Brilliance has performed globally at festivals in New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Israel and Palestine and all over the world.


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