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Over the past almost 15 years, the Pro/Pro/Pro network has grown to be thousands strong. Our unique theory of change has sparked a movement transforming America’s relationship to the Holy Land and conflict worldwide.      






Telos first implicates and equips leaders – in business, faith, music, art, literature, and more – in the difficult work of peacemaking both locally and globally.
These leaders then become ambassadors to their communities, telling their stories and inviting others to join them.
Implicated leaders and communities then join forces with Telos and the diverse, growing, and courageous movement of peacemakers shifting culture and policy toward a vision of mutual flourishing for all.


SINCE 2009…


Along the way, the Pro/Pro/Pro network has seen the creation of unlikely partnerships, innovative peacemaking resources, and powerful stories chart new paths for our world’s most intractable conflicts.


Colum McCann

Written by National Book Award Winning author Colum McCann, Apeirogon, a NYT bestseller and soon-to-be film produced by Steven Spielberg, is based on the stories of Rami Elhanan and Bassam Aramin, Israeli and Palestinian fathers who both lost daughters to the violence of the conflict in Israel/Palestine, and who have demanded that not another ounce of blood be shed in their daughters name.

Colum’s inspiration for Apeirogoncame from his trip with Telos to Israel/Palestine in 2015, where he met Bassam and Rami.

The Beatitudes Project
Stu G

The Beatitudes Project is a multi-media project featuring an album, book, film, study guide, and podcast which explores the announcements and invitations Jesus made during the Sermon on the Mount.

In his discussion of Matthew 5:8, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God,” Stu centers in on the work of Telos and other peacemakers in Israel/Palestine.

Stu was inspired in part by his trip to Israel/Palestine with Telos. Hear what he had to say about his experience here.

Peace on Earth
Kellie Haddock

Telos alumna Kellie Haddock is a singer, songwriter, wife and mom. Her music draws from real-life stories of beauty, heartache, hope and the celebration of life.

Her time in the Holy Land with Telos inspired her to create Peace On Earth, a set of socially conscious Christmas songs speaking straight to the heart of today’s struggles.

The album is infused with hope and longing for healing in broken places and in every heart that hears it.

Michael Rowley

Hurdle documents the stories of Mohammad and Sami, two young Palestinian men who inspire and lead the next generation of youth to find freedom and self-determination through the creative practices of parkour and photography.

Michael was inspired by his trip with Telos to Israel/Palestine, saying, “it was a life-changing experience. Being expertly ushered through the human stories of this region, stories of loss, difficulty and hope, ultimately inspired me to use my skills as a filmmaker to continue sharing stories from this region.” Read the rest of Michael’s thoughts here.

Amplify Peace
Lisa Jernigan

Amplify Peace is a local and global peacemaking movement amplifying voices otherwise marginalized and silenced, especially the voices of women.

After being introduced to Telos and traveling on a number of trips with us, LIsa realized she had a new responsibility and the option of looking the other way no longer existed. So, she co-founded Amplify Peace. Since its founding, Amplify Peace has brought several hundred people to Israel/Palestine and the U.S. South in partnership with Telos and Central Church AZ. Read more of Lisa’s thoughts here.

Cultivated Community
Jen Bellini

Cultivated Community is an online store that sells artisanal goods at fair trade prices from artisans across the world, including from Arous Elbahar and elsewhere in Israel/Palestine.

Jen was inspired by her trip to Arous Elbahar women’s center on her trip with Telos to Israel/Palestine to start Cultivated Community to provide the women of Arous Elbahar an opportunity to earn income by introducing their products to more markets. Jen is a firm believer that business can be a force for good. Read more of her thoughts here.


Some of our most salient work happens within Christian communities, who have historically seen peacemaking as an essential practice of discipleship (Matthew 5:9) and who play an important role in advancing efforts toward peace from America to Israel/Palestine.