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The Telos Table is how we build a movement.

Communities of aspiring peacemakers grappling with today’s pressing challenges, engaging one another in critical conversation, and collectively taking strategic action for the common good.


Deepen relationships.

Develop skills.

Cultivate strategic commitments.

Build the peacemaking movement.

We live in a time of increasing division and seemingly intractable conflict. Our world needs more good people of good will to come together and work for peace. Many of our Telos trip alumni come home with new insights and a desire to grow as peacemakers, yet don’t know how to get started on their own. Telos Tables are where our network grows from bystanders into active peacemakers.


All Telos Tables are led by trained Table Hosts, our core group of Telos volunteers. Learn more about our Table Host Cohort Training Program and lead a new Telos Table in your community.

Our movement spans the nation.

Current Locations

Irvine, CA
Pleasanton, CA
Barrington Hills, IL
Chandler, AZ
Glen Ellyn, IL
Ponte Verda Beach, FL
Washington, D.C.

Lebanon, OH
Nashville, TN
Falls Church, VA
Winfield, IL
West Chicago, IL
Gilbert, AZ
Arlington, VA

Still have questions?

How often do Telos Tables gather?

Telos Tables officially meet quarterly for guided curricula developed by the Telos team in partnership with Table Hosts. Each Table curriculum has three parts, and Table groups can decide if they want to do all three in one session, or spread across multiple weeks. In between each quarter, Table groups may choose to gather together for social events and community action beyond the official curriculum.

What topics do you discuss?

Table curricula cover a wide range of topics within our primary issue areas. Whether a Table group focuses on introduction to general peacemaking, racial equity in the United States, or Israel/Palestine, each Table curriculum offers a deep-dive into the details, while drawing connections between all of our core issues. Table Hosts and Table groups decide for themselves which thematic area they want to focus on.

How can you join a Telos Table?

Right now you can join a Telos Table by signing up to be a Table Host and forming a group in your local community. As travel resumes, you will also be encouraged and able to form a Table with your fellow travelers. In some cases we are able to connect interested individuals with existing Tables based on your location. Contact [email protected] to see if there’s an existing Table near you.

Do you need training to join or lead a Telos Table?

To join a Table, you don’t need any training, though we do encourage you to go on a Telos trip. To lead a Table, you need to join us for our Table Host training program. We are currently recruiting for our second cohort of Table Hosts who will complete the training program this Fall! If you’re interested in becoming a Table Host, please fill out the interest form and join us for one of our information sessions on July 11 and July 27.

Do you need to be a Telos trip alumni?

While you do not need to be a Telos trip alumni to join a Table or become a Table Host, we do encourage you to go on a Telos trip. The transformative experience you have either on an Israel/Palestine or Restory US trip provides important context for the work you’ll do as a Table Host, as well as immerses you in the Telos approach to peacemaking. Register your interest in a Telos trip here.

When you say take action, what do you mean?

Taking action can look like a lot of things, from committing to having challenging conversations with family members, to lobbying your elected representatives, hosting a film screening for your church, or partnering with a local organization for an event or project they’re doing. When we say take action, we mean anything that helps us put our values and learning into lived practice and stop standing on the sidelines.