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Transformation Can’t End When You Arrive Back Home.

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Step 1: The Learning Corps Podcast

Dive deeper into issues of the day through this regular series, hearing from experts and radical peacemakers as they break down the key sources of injustice that keep conflict intractable and model what it looks like to work creatively for peace and justice.

Topics are focused in important themes from our issue areas such as;

Reimagine: I/P:

  • antisemitism

  • administrative detention

  • property rights

ReStory: US:

  • education

  • mass incarceration

  • voting rights

Step 2: Community Calls

Build relationships with our community of peacemakers from across the country through our live online calls. Together we dive deeper into what we learn from experts, harness our agency to act, stay accountable on the journey, and dream up new ways of engaging with others to work for mutual flourishing.