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Tent of Nations Attacked: What You Can Do

Every Telos trip to Israel/Palestine has spent time at Tent of Nations, the remarkable sustainable farm in western Bethlehem that organizes under the banner “We Refuse to Be Enemies.” As you may have heard, Daoud and Daher Nassar were brutally attacked last week and hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

Details are still emerging about the nature of the attack and the motivation behind it. Yet we know that the attackers this time were not Israeli, but Palestinian. The Nassars have been fighting to stay on their land for decades, including a nearly 30-year court battle in Israeli courts. They have endured attacks and pressure from the Israeli military and Israeli settlers. Recently, there have been some tensions with some Palestinian neighbors.

We will keep you updated about this developing story. In the meantime though, we’re asking you to do three things:

1) “Go and Tell”: Daoud tells visitors: “Come and see, go and tell.” Their powerful embodiment of “We Refuse to Be Enemies” is an urgent story for every day, especially this day. Share your personal story from the farm on social media or with friends.

2) If you have visited the farm, leave a comment in the reply box below reflecting on your experience there or the ways you’ve thought or acted differently since visiting. We’ll share your comments with the Nassar family as a way to encourage them in this difficult time.

3) Please consider supporting the farm by donating to the Friends of Tent of Nations North America.

13 Responses

  1. Buz Schultz

    When I visited Tent of Nations, I was so touched by Dauod’s spirit. It seemed to glow from every pore! I wish I was there to give a hug.

  2. Diana

    Daoud and Daher truly live out their motto of “We refuse to be Enemies”. This stuck with me since visiting the farm twice over a few years. Their stories, personalities and most of all humility in the face of what they have endured is a true testimony to all who know them! To think about what has happened to them over SO many years and the fact that they can still be positive is beyond amazing and only can be classified as “A God Thing”!

  3. Katherine Haley

    Dear Daoud and Daher., I had the honor of visiting the Tent of Nations on a Telos Trip September 2015. Your commitment to live out Christ’s message of grace, mercy, and love left an unbelievable mark on me. Despite so many obstacles, threats, and attacks you have resolved to stand for truth and open doors of opportunity for others. I will be joining the great cloud of witnesses who are praying for healing and justice.

  4. Michael Rudzena

    Dear Daoud and Daher,

    I have visited your farm several times and have been deeply impacted by your story and your core values. “Refuse to be enemies “ has become one of the mantras in our church here in New York City and I’ve shared the wine you gave us along with your story one Easter here. We send our love and prayers and I hope to see you in February.

    Much love,
    Michael Rudzena
    Pastor, Good Shepherd New York

  5. Lisa Mihevc

    Dear Nassar Family,

    Thank you for standing up for love and peace. When I visited your farm almost 8 years ago I was moved by your resilience and strength as you move your message forward of ‘Never Enemies.’ Thank you for saying yes to God’s ways everyday. What you do is other worldly and is Love of another kind. Your example of faith, love and persistence has changed my life.When I think things are hard in my life I look to your families faithfulness. May God be the Glory! Shalom, Lisa

  6. Stephen Allen

    I visited Tent of Nations in May of 2018. I was greatly moved by the families struggle for their land and attitude of I will not be enemies… I am saddened by this news of injury to the brothers. I pray for their strength of purpose; God’s peace be felt in their hearts.

  7. Janet Hill

    I am so heartbroken to hear what has happened. Praying for quick recovery and return home soon. Father, grant this family and ministry grace as they continue doing your work and blessing everyone they meet.
    The time we met with you all was so special and memorable. Prayers and peace for you all!

  8. Rachel and David Schwandt

    Our hearts are so sad to hear of the personal attack on Daoud and Daher. Please know that we think of you often because you were living examples of what peace looks like. We have never forgotten sharing a meal with you and learning more about the work that you are doing. We ask for God to bless and protect the Nassar family and all of those involved in the Tent of Nations. Prayers for healing and peace for you.

  9. Bonnie Hickman

    Pastor Daoud,
    I visited with you in September 2019 from Sun Valley Church in Arizona. I am so sorry that this attack happened, this time by Palestinians. There is so much conflict in our world, and you are a person that Satan would like to see out of the game. Fellow believers are standing with you! This news gave my husband and I an opportunity to begin sending you a small monthly donation! Let’s see the demons try to fight back as the angels of heaven surround and protect you, your family, your church and your ministry. (I’ve read the end… we win!!)

  10. Meg Davis

    Nassar Family,
    I am deeply troubled to hear of your suffering in this recent attack. Visiting your farm in 2014, 2015, and 2016 through trips with Wheaton College as a teacher at the Jerusalem American School in Beit Hanina, I was always deeply moved by your story and the deep intentionality with which you live — with the earth and with all those who inhabit it. Your gritty peace, “we refuse to be enemies,” is a lasting piece of wisdom, prescient and ever-necessary for our time. I’m so grateful for you. Prayers, peace, and healing to you!

  11. Marge Pomykala

    I just want you to know that I lift you Daoud & Daher in my prayers today for healing. Though I have never met you my heart goes out to you and pray for God to cover you and your family with an army of angels. It was with great saddens I read this story of your being attacked. Know this you are prayed for by many people and we join with you in beseeching the God of the universe to set things right.

  12. Jill Clouse

    Your family’s farm, property, and story is so inspiring and my fervent prayers are for your healing and continued fortitude. Much love to you all.

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