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Stories of Change: An End of Year Appeal

This holiday season, we are pleased to share a few stories—your stories—of the difference Telos is making in towns, churches and families across the U.S.

Please find below videos from our friends Michael Rudzena, Laura Crosby, and Will Bruhn, and an appeal for your generous giving from Telos co-founder and President, Greg Khalil.

Michael Rudzena

Laura Crosby

Will Bruhn

An Appeal from Greg

Dear Friends:

Let me be upfront: I’m writing to ask you to partner financially with Telos today.

Together, we have built something remarkable.

But this is only just the beginning.

Eight years ago pro/pro/pro was an idea. Now, it’s a growing reality.

You’ll be hearing many incredible stories in the coming weeks—as part of our “Stories of Change” campaign. You may even join us in D.C. next March.

But today I want to focus on a bigger story: Telos’ story of change.

Yes, you’ve taken more than 1,000 leaders on 75 Telos trips. Yes, you’ve invested in dozens of Israeli and Palestinian organizations and businesses, produced films and videos and curated peacemaking workshops, written hundreds of articles, books and blogs, hosted dozens of events and engaged in a wide variety of advocacy.

Now, many of your friends, families, churches, and institutions know about the pro/pro/pro movement. And they’re beginning to listen.

But did you know most of you come from just 7 communities across America?

To really bring pro/pro/pro as a force in mainstream American culture and politics–to have systemic impact–we need to grow from 7 to 70 communities in the next 5 years!

But to grow we need to forge stronger partnerships with you, including your financial partnership.

We’ll need some of you to get certified to lead trips, so we can bring hundreds more people each year.

We’ll need your varied expertise in finance, strategy and impact measurement, so we can scale the movement wisely.

We’ll need your enthusiasm and friendships, so we can shape this motley pro/pro/pro tribe into a national peacemaking movement.

Most importantly, we’ll need your imagination and your heart, your faith and your courage. To listen deeply. To create art. To risk relationships. And to forge new ones. To boldly speak out against the grain, for what’s right and good, as so many of our Israeli and Palestinian friends do every day.

Even, or especially, when it seems like no one will listen.

But today, we at Telos also urgently need your financial support.

We’ve still got to raise $65,000 of our $80,000 year-end goal. Reaching this goal now will help position us for growth in the new year with the new presidency.

We need everyone’s support—from the many who can give $25 to the few who can give $25,000 or more—to get there.

We especially need monthly gifts. If you can commit $84/month that will translate to $1,000 over a year. $42/month becomes $500.

Right now, our work as pro/pro/pro peacemakers has never been more necessary. We are living through a period of tremendous division and greater uncertainty.

This is especially true for our Palestinian and Israeli friends, who desperately need us to change the story of how America engages them. And, in the meantime, to stand with them through the relentless storm.

Together, our individual stories can amass into a movement. A band of good people of good will coming together to disrupt an unholy status quo. A tidal wave of love, compassion, and radical commitment to security, dignity and freedom for all Israelis and all Palestinians in equal measure.

This is our pro/pro/pro story: A positive story of change. In our lives, our culture, and our communities. Which is necessary to bring relief, transformation and healing to our friends in the Middle East.

Kindly remember our Israeli and Palestinian friends in your giving this season. And kindly remember Telos, too. Please, donate today.

With love,