Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events

Webinar Series: Evangelicals, Israel/Palestine, and Peacemaking

Evangelical Christians have become in recent years one of the most salient groups in U.S. politics, holding strong positions on an array of contentious issues—support for Israel being one among them. But why do evangelicals care so deeply about a nation halfway across the world? What difference does it make for those on the ground? And despite the headlines, can they be a force for peace in Israel/Palestine and beyond? Join us for our mini-series investigating the complex and consequential relationship between Evangelicals, Israel/Palestine, and Peacemaking–April 2021.

Monday, April 19



Modern Christian Zionism

The American evangelical Christian community offers unquestioned and highly energized support for the modern state of Israel—a movement that’s come to be known as Christian Zionism. Today, Christian Zionist organizations donate millions of dollars in aid to Israeli organizations, lobby Congress on behalf of the Israeli government, and benefit from a massive pilgrimage tourism industry. But theologies and practices of Christian Zionism often leave essential questions of peacemaking, the indigenous Palestinian Christian population, and justice unresolved.

Join us as we hear from international experts on the development of the modern Christian Zionism movement, as well as its impact on those living in the land today from Israelis and Palestinians living on the ground. Moderated by Greg Khalil, President and co-founder of Telos.


Rev. Dr. Robert O Smith: Director, Briarwood Leadership Center and author of More Desired than Our Owne Salvation: The Roots of Christian Zionism

Rev. Dr. Jack Sara: President, Bethlehem Bible College

Marina Klimchuk: Former team member, Telos

Wednesday, April 21



Evangelicals and the Holy Land: Rethinking Relationship to Israel/Palestine

Many American Christians care deeply about modern Israel. Some see events that transpire in the Holy Land as fulfillment of biblical prophecies and view support for Israel as a divine mandate. Others note the way these theologies ignore the humanity and desire for justice and freedom of Palestinians (including Palestinian Christians), while also undermining Jewish concerns for security and legitimacy by making the conflict harder to resolve. These Christians are asking, is there a way to heed Jesus’ call to be peacemakers and honor the need for all the people of the land—Jews, Christians and Muslims—to live with freedom, security and honored dignity?

Join as we hear from Christian leaders who refuse to divide Israelis and Palestinians in their prayers or in their work, and who are reimagining their community’s relationship to the Holy Land to pursue the flourishing of all people. Moderating will be Todd Deatherage, Executive Director and Cofounder of Telos.


Lisa Jernigan: Cofounder and President, Amplify Peace

Rob Dalrymple: Director, DetermineTruth ministries; Board Member, Network of Evangelicals for the Middle East

Tuesday, April 27



Evangelical Peacemaking Movements

As nearly 30% of the U.S. electorate, the evangelical Christian community in the U.S. has the opportunity for massive impact on issues of justice, reconciliation, and peace. But these communities have often neglected the call to be peacemakers, as laid out in Matthew 5:9. Can evangelical communities reclaim this call and be a force for peace?

Join us to hear an esteemed panel of Christian leaders who are working in evangelical communities to do just that. We’ll hear about the movements they lead that are healing conflict and changing the script on injustice, and discuss how local leaders can shepherd their communities into the work of peacemaking. Moderating will be Telos team member David Katibah. 


Christy Vines: President and CEO, Ideos

Jenny Yang: Senior Vice President of Advocacy & Policy, World Relief

Martin Brooks: President, Peace Catalyst International

Andrew Hanauer: President and CEO, One America Movement


'Til Kingdom Come Screening and Discussion: POSTPONED

Evangelical Christians in the U.S. are some of the most outspoken supporters of Israel in the world. What fuels this support, what difference does it make for local evangelical communities, and how do Israelis on the receiving end of such support see it? Join us for a live screening and discussion of ‘TIL KINGDOM COME, a new documentary exploring these questions, with the film’s Director, Maya Zinshtein, and Producer/Cinematographer Abraham Troen.


Financial, political, and messianic motivations intersect with an apocalyptic worldview in ‘TIL KINGDOM COME, the explosive new documentary that chronicles the global effects of an unlikely religious partnership between rural Evangelical Christians and Israel’s foremost philanthropic organization.

Recent Past Events

Monday, March 29


Video Recording

Lent in America

As Christians look forward to Easter at the beginning of next month, join Telos and Coracle for a conversation on Lent, the Principles and Practices of Peacemaking, and a more complete telling of our American story. We’ll be joined by David Bailey, Executive Director of Arrabon, Patty Prasada-Rao, Coordinator of the Repentance Project, and Rev. Erin Clifford, Repentance Project Board Member. Lent, the season in the Christian calendar leading up to Easter, is a time for reflection, fasting, and repentance. We’ll explore how this season provides unique opportunities for peacemaking as we reflect on our nation’s history of racial injustice.

Thursday, March 25th, 12:30 PM EST

Video Recording

Becoming Reconcilers: Lessons from a Civil War

In partnership with Coracle

Join Coracle and Telos for a conversation with Vesna Tift, a survivor of the Yugoslav wars. We’ll hear from Vesna about her experiences as a refugee on the front-lines of conflict, and about her work ministering to young adults and children also suffering from trauma through programs which promote inter-ethnic dialogue. In an interview moderated by Bill Haley, Executive Director of Coracle, Vesna will share lessons learned on peacemaking, faith, and reconciliation in a circumstance of profound loss and seemingly intractable conflict.

Screening: March 22, 8 PM ET

Discussion: March 23, 1 PM ET

Video Recording

Aswat Acherim (Other Voices) Screening and Discussion

Join us for a live screening of documentary Aswat Acherim (Other Voices) and a live discussion with Director Ose Oyamendan and one of the film’s stars, Roni Keidar. Roni is a cherished Telos partner, who many of you have met on your Telos trips. With moderated discussion by Telos team member, Sarah Sturm, we’ll discuss the situation in Gaza/Sderot, Roni’s story, and the courage of peacemaking in the face of seemingly intractable violence.

Amidst a suffocating siege, rocket attacks, and a deep sense of enmity, conflict across the Gaza-Sderot (Israel) border seems intractable. But some are choosing a different way. They’re fighting across enemy lines for a change that will end the wars, stop the loss of lives and destruction of properties, and overcome the culture of fear. ASWAT ACHERIM follows the lives and stories of the peacemakers fighting for this change in a neighborhood torn apart by conflict.

**The first 50 people to register by Tuesday, March 16th will receive a special gift: a packet to make fresh Za’atar popcorn at home! We’ll send you the popcorn and a bag of authentic Za’atar, a savory Middle Eastern spice blend, as a gift from us to enjoy while watching the film!**

*NOTE: Join us for a live screening Monday, March 22, 8 PM EDT, and a discussion the following day, Tuesday, March 23 1 PM EDT. If you’re unable to join for the live screening, you can rent the film for a fee here.

Friday, March 12th, 12:00 PM EST

Building a Free and Prosperous Palestine

What do a young entrepreneur selling lingerie to a global market, the CEO of a Coca Cola franchise, and a founding partner of Palestine’s only startup investment fund all have in common? Other than being extraordinary business minds, they’re all Palestinians building or promoting business under an extreme, artificial condition: occupation. Unlike business leaders in other parts of the world, they can’t freely move or trade between their own villages and cities, much less with the outside world, nor do they control their own resources, from water to the electromagnetic sphere. But with freedom, they say, prosperity would surely come to an industrious, entrepreneurial people.

Learn how diverse Palestinian business leaders—from heads of international conglomerates to start-up entrepreneurs—navigate this unusual circumstance. And hear directly from these leaders on how they see those from the outside world engaging in support.


Ambar Amleh is a Founding Partner at Palestine’s early-stage startup investment fund, Ibtikar, a fund that she championed and helped design, structure, and fundraise. Ibtikar fills a critical funding gap faced by Palestinian entrepreneurs between seed and VC, and is currently the only active VC in Palestine. Ambar is a member of the 23rd class of Kauffman Fellows, and was named as one of the “50 Most Influential Women in the Arab World” by CEO Middle East Magazine and “20 Women VCs of MENA” by MENAbytes.

Christina Ganim is CEO and co-founder of Kenzwoman.com, an e-commerce site selling bras, underwear and shapewear to women in the Gulf markets, helping women battle two main problems: the availability of such products in the region and solving a constant problem women face, which is choosing the right size and right fit for them. Christina was born in Palestine and graduated with a BA in International Studies at DePaul University and completed her MA in International Law at the University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies. She previously worked as an assistant producer on the film “Speed Sisters”, a documentary following the lives of a group of Palestinian women race-car drivers.
Zahi Khouri, a Palestinian-American born in Jaffa, is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The National Beverage Company, the Coca-Cola exclusive licensee for Palestine. He also helped establish the Palestinian Development and Investment Company (PADICO), chairs the NGO Development Center (the largest NGO in Palestine) in association with the World Bank, and was the 2015 recipient of the Oslo Business for Peace Award.
Greg Khalil is the Co-founder and President of the Telos Group. Before founding the Telos Group, Greg lived in Ramallah, the West Bank, where he advised the Palestinian leadership on peace negotiations with Israel. He has lectured widely on the Middle East and has been published by The Review of Faith & International Affairs and The New York Times.

Wednesday, February 24th, 1:00 PM EST


PURPLE Screening and Training

Join us for a live screening and training on the short film Purple, a new short documentary from political mediation organization and Telos partner, Resetting The Table, and Emmy award-winning Transient Pictures. Purple presents a rare political conversation that uplifts, provokes, and inspires while going toward the heat of passionate political differences in rural Wisconsin and Iowa—a swing region in two bordering swing states.


We’ll screen the short film after which Rabbi Melissa Weintraub — Co-Executive Director of Resetting the Table and one of the creators of Purple — will walk through a suggested post-screening process that participants can bring back to their own communities to spark dialogue and build connection across lines of difference. Come prepared to participate in skill-building and other exercises for productive conversations across political disagreement!