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Thursday, December 10 1:00 PM EST


Voices from Bethlehem Part 1: The Other Side of the Wall

Join us as we Center the Leadership of the Marginalized (Practice 4) with Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, Palestinian theologian, author, and pastor of the Christmas Church in Bethlehem. Greg Khalil will moderate a conversation with Munther and Rev. Bill Haley, founder of Coracle and co-founder of The Repentance Project, on Rev. Isaac’s new book The Other Side of the Wall which challenges theologies from the West that have been weaponized against him and others like him in the Holy Land. 

Tuesday, December 15 1:00 PM EST


Voices from Bethlehem Part 2: Blessed are the Peacemakers

Renowned nonviolence expert and practitioner, Sami Awad, will join us from Bethlehem, along with musician, author and creator of The Beatitudes Project Stu G from Nashville, Tennessee. Todd Deatherage will moderate a discussion centered on Jesus’ claim “Blessed are the peacemakers” and the role of nonviolence in personal and societal transformation, based on Peacemaking Principle #5: Nonviolence | “Nonviolence is a way of life for courageous people.” —Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr     

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Thursday, November 19 1:00 PM EDT

Audio recording

Crossing Lines of Difference: Refusing to be Enemies and Overcoming Contempt

In our age of toxic polarization, we’re quick to make enemies of others and often fail to build meaningful relationships with those different from us, especially those from the “opposite side.” Yet relationships across lines of difference are at the core of peacemaking. Why are these relationships so important, and how can we practically begin to build them and overcome our contempt?

Join us as we hear from an esteemed panel of peacemakers whose lives exemplify this difficult work. On the panel will be Lisa Jernigan, co-founder of Amplify Peace, a global peacemaking movement, as well as Robi Damelin and Layla Alsheikh, Israeli and Palestinian mothers who have formed an unlikely friendship through their work building a reconciliation process in Israel/Palestine with the Parents Circle – Families Forum, an joint Israeli and Palestinian organization of bereaved families. Moderating the discussion will be Telos Co-founder and Executive Director, Todd Deatherage.

Lisa Jernigan is an advocate, speaker and trainer for global engagement. She is the Co-Founder of Amplify Peace, a global movement promoting the principles of peacemaking to create change in our world through trainings, resources and transformational immersive encounters locally and globally. She believes that women are at the forefront of a collective transformation of peacemaking and has traveled to the Middle East and Africa to meet and collaborate with faith and community leaders.

Layla Alsheikh is from Bethlehem but was born in Jordan. She first joined the Parents Circle – Families Forum in 2017 and became a member within two months. She shares her own personal story of losing her son in lectures inside Israel, Palestine and around the world to spread the message of peace and reconciliation, as well as the power of sharing our personal stories.

Robi Damelin has dedicated her life to the message of reconciliation and non-violence at the Parents Circle, which she joined after her son David was killed by a Palestinian sniper. She is the spokesperson and director of International Relations. Robi is originally from South Africa and lives in Jaffa. She was voted one of the 50 most influential women in 2015 by ”Women in the World” and received the Women’s Peace Maker award from the Joan Kroc School of Peace Studies , San Diego. She is the protagonist of the award winning documentary, “One Day after Peace” (Director: Erez Laufer).

Todd Deatherage spent sixteen years in senior positions in the legislative and executive branches of the U.S. government before co-founding the Telos Group. From 2005 to 2009, he was Chief of Staff in the Secretary of State’s Office of Policy Planning at the U.S. State Department.