Upcoming Events

Telos resources local leaders and the accomplished array of artists, activists, and change makers that make up our network to provide high-quality events for the Telos community. Join us for one of these upcoming events soon!

Telos: Reimagine

Tuesday, July 21st, 4:00pm EDT

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Join us for a special event. The culmination of over 11 years of trips, organizing, and training. An opportunity to readjust to our changing world and chart a visionary path forward.

The Telos: Reimagine event will cap off our end-of-fiscal-year campaign to Reimagine & Rebuild. We'll celebrate where we've been in our first decade, present our innovative work on new issue areas—including our work domestically on racial justice and equity—and introduce our plan for transforming our community of alumni into the powerful movement of radical peacemakers our world needs.