Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events

Juneteenth Commemoration and Celebration

June 19th, 10-11 AM EDT

Join our friends at Coracle for a special online Juneteenth commemoration and celebration. We’ll gather together for an hour of reflection, prayer, and sharing from a variety of voices as we explore three themes important themes on that day: honesty, solidarity, and hope in action. Learn more.


Israel/Palestine 101: History, Mutual Flourishing, and Peacemaking

Looking for an entry into understanding one of the world’s thorniest conflicts? Join Telos for a comprehensive training on the basics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with Telos President and Co-founder, Greg Khalil.

The 90-minute webinar will include a comprehensive overview of the history of the conflict and an extended time for questions and answers. It will cover the range of seminal dates and events, pay special attention to the role of the United States through the course of this history, and emphasize a framework which prioritizes the dignity, security, and freedom of Israelis and Palestinians in equal measure.


Seeing Israel/Palestine

Join us for an introduction to our unique approach to traveling in the Holy Land, built from more than a decade of experience.  Our immersive, multi-narrative tours of Israel/Palestine offer an unparalleled opportunity to engage with the realities, cultures, and peoples of the Holy Land, and to learn what it takes to be a truly radical peacemaker. We’ll also announce exciting updates on our resumption of travel this Fall and dates of trips you can join! If you’re interested in traveling to Israel/Palestine with us, don’t miss this event.

Recent Past Events

Movie Club: The Present, with Farah Nabulsi

The BAFTA-winning and Oscar nominated new documentary short, The Present, artfully depicts the difficult and humiliating experiences of Palestinians navigating Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank, as Yusuf and his daughter travel to buy his wife an anniversary gift.

Stream the film on Netflix (~24 minutes), and join us for a live discussion with the film’s director, Farah Nabulsi!

The Humans Behind the Headlines

Israel/Palestine continues to dominate news headlines with escalating reports of violence and destruction. But behind each number and each story is a human being with dreams, fears, and passions. Many are even fighting for a shared future in the land, and their stories deserve to be told.

Join us to hear from Palestinians and Israelis on the ground as they shed light on life under such difficult circumstances, and what it will take to build a future of mutual flourishing for both Palestinians and Israelis.