The Telos Group


A New Story for A New Day

Friends, we already know the Old Story: 

They’ve been fighting for thousands of years.
It’s intractable.
There’s nothing I can do.
Us VS Them

But the world is just starting to learn that we’ve been writing a New Story: 

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
True security means mutual flourishing for everyone.
My voice – and our voices – can and do have impact.
There’s no Us VS Them; There’s only Us. 

Together, with you, we’re writing a New Story for a New Day.

A new day in which we stand together for justice, freedom and dignity for all, at home and around the world, including for all Palestinians and Israelis.

But today, friends, we’ve got some extraordinary opportunities—opportunities we can only seize together. 

We need your continued friendship, passion and hard work more than ever. And will you consider making a sacrificial financial gift today?

Together, as you’ll see, we have a unique opportunity today to amplify the pro/pro/pro message to hundreds of communities and tens of thousands of people around the country.

Through our New Story for a New Day campaign you will be dazzled by what your fellow Telos friends are doing. The people and stories you’ve come to know are poised to reach millions in the coming months. This is one moment we’ve been waiting for.

Colum McCann’s upcoming book, Apeirogon, which was inspired by his Telos trip, is getting extraordinary pre-reviews, calling it “the novel of our time.” Stu G and his Beatitudes Project is reaching tens of thousands of Christians around the world. Michael Rowley’s documentary Hurdle is out there winning film festival awards. Kellie Haddock’s music is creating space for hope and healing.

Jen Bellini’s online store is giving artisans from Jaffa and the West Bank market access and income. Lisa Jernigan and her Amplify Peace movement is inviting dozens of communities to listen to stories from the ‘other’ locally and globally. And so many of you share and model radical peacemaking in your homes, churches and communities—demonstrating that another way of being and believing is both necessary and possible.

Together we’re weaving a New Day by sharing and amplifying our stories.

Friends, we don’t want to minimize the complexity and danger of this moment. Recent events in and around Gaza, which claimed dozens of lives, and the American decision to legitimize Israel’s settlements only illustrate this, adding urgency to our work. But we cannot minimize your impact—nor our incredible potential.

We can only boldly wage peace when our movement grows in breadth and depth—which is what we are now doing. If there’s ever a time we needed your sacrificial financial partnership, it is now. Will you help us reach as many people as possible in 2020?

We’re aiming to raise $200,000 by December 31. Will you pitch in $100, $1000, or $2500 today?

Would you consider committing to $10, $50, or $250 a month?

Together, we can’t erase the horrific wrongs wrought by the Old Story. But with great resolve, focus and love we can write a New Story for a New Day. A New Day marked by greater justice, love, and equity for all.

Greg Khalil
And the Telos Team:
Carly, David, Erin, Jack, Marina, Noah, Sharon and Todd