Develop, sustain, and equip a practitioner network of peacemakers across the United States.


Guided by the Principles of Peacemaking, our trainings cover the relational, practical, and communal skills necessary to relentlessly wage peace.

Webinars and Live Trainings

We gather issue-area experts and international peacemakers on regular virtual events to train our network in the work of peacemaking, covering the issues that matter and the skills that guide us in action.

Telos University – Coming Soon

Our online education platform and community for peacemakers in training. A one-stop shop to learn the complex histories and modern realities of the places we travel, as well as the in’s and out’s of the life of peacemaking. Taught by Telos staff and international experts.



Our core volunteers that convene and facilitate post-trip gatherings. Table Hosts are on the front lines of building the peacemaking movement.

Telos Table Hosts are the champions who make transformative experiences and transformative action possible. As critical members of the pro/pro/pro peacebuilding movement, Table Hosts guide Telos Tables through challenging conversations and direct them to real-world impact.

Trained and supported by Telos, our hosts drive the continuation of conversations begun on Telos trips and spread our movement to new communities

Table Hosts receive …

  • In-depth peacemaking education

  • Valuable facilitation training and skill development

  • Opportunities to collaborate with Telos staff and curriculum development

  • Membership in a unique community of Table Hosts from across the nation

Table Hosts lead gatherings of peacemakers where collectively they …

  • Deepen relationships

  • Develop skills

  • Cultivate strategic commitments

  • Build the peacemaking movement