Issue Areas

Telos forms communities of American peacemakers along lines of difference, equipping them to help reconcile conflict at home and abroad. Historically, our primary focus has been America's relationship to Israel/Palestine. In recent years, we've begun to replicate our model in other conflict and post-conflict areas, which we believe are connected.


America has unwittingly contributed to prolonged conflict in Israel/Palestine, our original and main area of focus. We’ve led more than 110 delegations of American leaders on delegations to Israel/Palestine, with an emphasis on evangelical Christian communities, introducing them to our pro/pro/pro approach to peacemaking. Already, they’re shifting the conversation in key parts of American society.

The U.S.

One common reaction after returning from Israel/Palestine is: “I get it. I see that my community is involved, and so I have a responsibility to help shift the conversation back home. But how can I do this work with integrity when I myself don’t know many of my neighbors? Or our own American story?” We’ve launched an “American Pilgrimage,” beginning on the Louisiana Gulf Coast, winding through New Orleans, Jackson, MS, Selma, AL and ending in Montgomery. Excavating the complexity of our American story, so that our communities of peacemakers might become more aligned in their work here at home.

South Africa

Apartheid formally ended in 1994. Yet this country and its people continue to struggle in a supposedly post-conflict era. We’ve begun weaving our networks of peacemakers into the realities and conversations here, bringing attention to communities no longer of interest to much of the world, and learning important lessons for what it means to be truly post-conflict, and how to get there. What is the difference between equality and equity, and why is this important?

Ireland/Northern Ireland

What is sometimes described as an 800 year-old conflict ended with the U.S.-brokered “Good Friday Agreement” in 1998. Yet post-Brexit, many of the foundations of this fragile peace have been shaken. We’ve developed new immersive programming to learn from the historic success of the Peace Agreement, and explore what peacemakers must do not only to keep, but also deepen, the roots of peace—especially in turbulent times.

Puerto Rico: Coming Soon!

This U.S. Territory has a long, beautiful yet tortured history. While Puerto Ricans are U.S. Citizens, they lack political voice in Congress. Meanwhile, Puerto Rico faces some of the most restrictive trade laws in the world without benefiting from constitutional protections afforded to U.S. States. Despite a vibrant culture and an idyllic tropical setting, crises like Hurricane Maria, recent earthquakes, and endemic government corruption have left many Puerto Ricans more vulnerable than ever.