Through the power of lived experience, inspire and onboard targeted cohorts of potential leader peacemakers.


Our immersive, one-of-a-kind communal deep dives into the lives, realities, and cultures of conflict or post-conflict spaces—providing an unparalleled opportunity for experiential learning and relationship development. 

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We believe stories have the power to move us, equip us, and call us into action. Our storytelling arm is invested in curating and creating high-quality stories, and amplifying the stories of those often silenced and ignored.

The Telos Channel

Stories and conversations on the world’s most pressing issues of justice and conflict. Join us as we discuss how to become radical peacemakers and wage peace both at home and abroad. 

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We encourage and facilitate partnerships across our network, especially those that directly benefit and amplify the voices of our vulnerable peacemaking partners on the ground. This includes philanthropic relationships, mission-oriented partnerships, volunteer opportunities, and facilitating impact-driven business partnerships.