Apeirogon Trips

Join a trip similar to the one that inspired Apeirogon!

Telos introduced Colum McCann to Bassam Aramin and Rami Elhanan on his first of three Telos-designed trips, in partnership with the storytelling nonprofit he cofounded, Narrative 4. Apply for one of Telos' unique Israel/Palestine journeys, much like the one that sparked, inspired, and shaped Apeirogon.You can apply here to join an existing trip in September 2020 or February 2021. Or if you have an existing group you’d like to travel with, inquire here about a custom trip. And if you haven't read this extraordinary book yet, please pick up a copy here!

Continue reading for more information on our open Apeirogontrips or about creating one of your own!

Open Apeirogoninspired trips

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Dates: We have two trips currently open for application. Dates include travel to/from the US:
September 7-15, 2020
February 15-24, 2021

Kindly fill out this form to apply for either trip. Telos will make final decisions on the first round of applications by April 1st. Upon approval, participants will have 14 days to make a nonrefundable deposit.

Background: A heartbreaking, inspiring deep dive into the stories, culture, cuisine, sites, and people of the so-called “Holy Land”—Israel/Palestine. Your journey will visit many of the places and meet with some of the organizations and people featured in Apeirogon.Beginning in Tel Aviv/Jaffa, on the Mediterranean Coast, we will wind our way through the ancient and modern land from Bethlehem to Nablus, Nazareth to Haifa, and Sderot to Jerusalem. We will learn not just about the history of this place, but we will encounter the complexity of the modern reality, in all its joy and horror, crossing lines of difference, deep divides, and seeing an impossible reality that we at Telos believe we have a responsibility to confront—even if we have different ideas on how to resolve it. We’ll enter Palestinian and Israeli homes, wind our way back and forth over the “Green Line,” and sample the most extraordinary cuisine and hospitality on the planet. And, of course, we will hold sacred space with members of Rami and Bassam’s organization, The Parents Circle.

Details: We offer a variety of standards for our typically invite-only trips. Our trips in September 2020 and February 2021 are luxury standard, with top level accommodations. Other trips can vary widely in standard and pricing, depending upon your group size, the standard and season of travel.

Pricing for open trips: The September and February 2021 trips will be capped at 18 participants and begin at $7,000 per person. We do offer much more economical options for existing groups. We may also offer lower-standard open trips. If you'd like to be notified if these options arise, please put your name on this waiting list.

Inclusions: From the welcoming to closing dinners, all honoraria to the many people and organizations we meet, first class accommodations, food, non-alcoholic beverages (except where included with meals and hospitality), guiding, transportation, trip design and management, gratuities, materials, VIP airport entrance and departure services from and to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport, and entrance fees are included. Additionally, should you arrive and depart on recommended flights, your transfers to/from the airport are included.
Please note, we will only be able to confirm if Rami and Bassam themselves, and not other extraordinary parents from The Parents Circle, will be able to join us closer to trip departure. If so, an additional suggested tax deductible donation (for US taxpayers) will be added to the trip price.

Exclusions: Airfare, health and travel insurance, personal expenses, gifts, additional food or alcoholic beverages not included with the program, and anything else not specifically mentioned as included above.

Private Apeirogoninspired trips

Pricing for private trips: Pricing can vary widely, primarily dependent upon the trip standard (moderate to luxury to exclusive), trip size (generally the larger group the cheaper per person price), whether its high season, and whether you choose to include all meals. If you have an existing group—our preferred model—please apply for a trip today. Per person pricing begins at $2,200 for all inclusive trips.

Kindly fill out this form to begin the process of creating a private trip.