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An appeal by Telos Co-founder and President, Greg Khalil

Friends, I’m writing to announce a new Telos campaign: The Paving Stones of Peace. And to ask for your partnership, including a financial commitment.

Israel/Palestine is back in the news. We hear talk of “peace” as tensions rise. Will these negotiations seal the “ultimate deal”?

As pro/pro/pro activists, we applaud all good faith efforts to promote security, dignity and freedom for Israelis and Palestinians in equal measure.

We also believe, however, that whatever the outcome of these potential new negotiations, the road to sustainable peace is a very long one. And each of us has a critical role to play—as Paving Stones of Peace.

Seeing what we have seen and knowing what we know means we each carry a responsibility—small and large—to do what we can to ensure the brutal drudge of conflict transforms into a long and lasting path to peace.

Allow me to detail why and how our individual and communal engagement is now critical:

  1. The effects of a conflict like this will last generations: Israelis and Palestinians will deal with the consequences of this conflict for generations. We have to be resolute and dogged in our pursuit of peace—now, before an agreement has been reached, and even long after any future deal is made.
  2. Peace is more than just a political agreement: Even if Israelis and Palestinians sign the “ultimate deal” today, that deal will take many years and hundreds of billions of dollars to implement. In fact, when I formerly worked on the negotiations, Israelis and Palestinians signed a number of agreements. The hard part wasn’t getting ink on paper, it was—and will be—getting Israelis and Palestinians to behave differently: to actually do what they agreed to do. The movement we build today will be a critical element in supporting Israelis and Palestinians in living out an agreement tomorrow.
  3. Yet peace needs a political process: We know that true “peace” or “reconciliation” isn’t only a political process. That kind of transformation is deep and involves the human heart. Yet politics is part of the process too. We hear that the political process is “broken” and “corrupt.” Perhaps it needs to be reformed. Yet we won’t change systemic conditions that many of you have witnessed on the ground without a change in politics. Israelis, Palestinians and their friends all have a role to play.
  4. The United States will continue to play a critical role: We are, in effect, a third party to this conflict, and many of the other conflicts in the region. It’s not a question of whether we as Americans are involved, but how. Whether negotiations happen, whether they succeed, and what sorts of policies advance—like expansion of settlements, relocation of embassies to Jerusalem, or funding for various local and regional actors—are all heavily influenced by the US.
  5. Culture is upstream from politics and “constituency” matters: Our culture and our politics are so broken on this issue, in part because the conversations in our communities are so broken. You’re either pro-Israel or anti-Israel. But we know that the only way forward on the ground for Israelis and Palestinians is one that ensures security, dignity and freedom for both in equal measure.
  6. A broad, multi-partisan, values-driven pro/pro/pro constituency is necessary, yet missing: Ultimately, Israelis and Palestinians will decide on and live out peace. But they won’t be able to get there unless the US plays a different role. We need orthodox believers and devout secularists, liberals and conservatives, who all passionately support pro/pro/pro to forge a new norm in our culture and our politics.
  7. You are the only ones who can build this essential path to peace: You represent a unique, unconventional and growing community. You are not supposed to believe what you believe. As conservatives and liberals, as non-believers and believers, you are not supposed to partner together. Despite this, you’ve already begun to lay the path of peace together. One that can help transform so many divisions in Israel/Palestine—and also here at home. But we need you to grow it with us. 

We have an audacious goal of raising $75,000 in new donations by July 1. Such funds will help us execute our plan to scale and bring pro/pro/pro to five new communities in the next 12 months. It will also help us to increase our capacity to resource you with new tools, such as videos, analysis, and events in your communities.

You have likely had a Telos experience that has transformed your outlook on the world. Hopefully, that’s led to positive transformation in your homes, houses of worship and workplaces. As each of us plays a role—small or large—we hope to see real transformation in the way Americans of all stripes, including our politicians, engage Israel/Palestine and the broader Middle East. We believe this transformation is a necessary, but insufficient condition to see sustainable peace on the ground.

But to continue supporting you in this work, bringing more people into the network, and increasingly directing that energy towards meaningful and impactful engagement, Telos needs your financial partnership today. We need to scale to dozens of communities around America over the next 5 years. And the next months, as talks of peace resume, are an important opportunity for Telos and pro/pro/pro leaders to reach new audiences.

Will you consider becoming a Paving Stone of Peace? Will you please make a financial commitment before July 1? Whether your gift is $10 or $1000 a month, you are a stone that will, when joined with others, pave a new road toward peace in Israel/Palestine.

We don’t want to minimize all the other ways that you partner with by sharing your talents, your time, and your friends. But we do want to recognize and honor your commitments, including with this set of unique gifts that range from personalized, hand-made Jerusalem pottery, to free Telos trips.

Only together can we lay a strong foundation for lasting, positive transformation in Israel/Palestine and beyond. Help lay that foundation by becoming a Paving Stone of Peace.


Thank you to all of those who have already committed to supporting Telos and are building Paving Stones of Peace!

*Subject to certain restrictions that are available upon request