This month, in the midst of turbulence and anger at home, in Israel/Palestine, and around the world, we are highlighting people within the Telos network that are acting in hope. Check out the blogposts featuring members of the Pro/Pro/Pro community who are giving, creating, and speaking in hopeful ways.

These people represent just a fraction of all of you: the Pro/Pro/Pro community that has collectively contributed so much to this vital work of building communities of peacemakers. And this month we are asking you to consider supporting our work: whether you can give $10 a month or $10,000. 

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Peacemaking In An Age of Division

Checking your Twitter feed, turning on cable news, or opening the morning newspaper (yes, some of us still read a newspaper) can be a discouraging or blood pressure-elevating exercise.

These are turbulent and angry times, and many of us just want a respite from the fight. But now is the time to engage, to lean in, not to check out. 

For those of us who’ve committed ourselves to helping bring transformation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we have an idea of what to do.

Our work is increasingly to build communities of peacemakers here in the U.S. who can effectively advocate for an end to the occupation, an end to violence and terror, and an end to dehumanization and injustice. Communities of American peacemakers who stand together with Israelis and Palestinians doing the difficult and gritty work of peacemaking, and who tell their stories here at home.

Yes, these are difficult times here and there. Yes, the prospects for resolving the Israeli/Palestinian conflict are grim. Optimism would be delusional.

But one of the things we’ve learned is that peacemakers operate from a posture of hope, not optimism. As our friend Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb, the Lutheran pastor from Bethlehem, has said, “Hope is not a feeling, it’s what you do.” We live and act in hopeful ways in order to open up the possibility to create a better reality.



Hope Is…


What Danny Seidemann does as he fights for a Jerusalem that honors the multiple claims made on it, arguing for ways to allow the city he loves to speak in many voices


What Roni Keidar does in Netiv Ha’Asara as she chooses to see the people of Gaza as her neighbors.


What Jamal Shehade and his family do at the House of Grace as they welcome prisoners into their home and give them a new start.

Robi and Bassam

What Robi Damelin and Bassam Aramin and the members of The Parents Circle do every day in their pursuit of reconciliation.

Great photo of Daoud!

What Daoud Nassar lives into each day at the Tent of Nations in his refusal to be an enemy.

Acting in hope shows us the way out of the mess: in Israel/Palestine and here at home. As Telos friends and alumni seek to employ the things they’re learning, we see new relationships forming, new conversations happening, and new possibilities for growth and healing emerging.



Now is definitely not the time to sit back. It’s a time to act in hope.


We need each of you to live into this by embracing the posture of the peacemaker. And we need each of you to join us in our work by making a generous year-end contribution to Telos. The forces of division are well funded and there are plenty who profit from stoking the flames of conflict.

That’s why, this holiday season, we’re seeking to raise $100,000 to continue building this vital community of peacemakers.

Pro/pro/pro peacemakers are needed to speak, create, and give to the things that will transform the conflict in Israel/Palestine and our divisions here at home. Please join us.