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The Telos Leadership Gathering 2017 is an invite-only event.
To request an invitation or for more information, please email info@telosgroup.org


Why are we having this gathering?

We come together at an opportune time.

2017 will mark the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration and 50 years of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. And in 2017 we will welcome a new American President whose posture on the Israel-Palestinian issue is yet to be determined.

Together, we’ve taken a journey of learning from and listening to a variety of voices. We’ve built relationships with people on multiple sides, been particularly inspired by those pursuing peace, and have found ourselves invested in the radical idea of common flourishing of Israelis and Palestinians alike. We’ve also necessarily wrestled with the best ways to confront injustice and insecurity—that is perpetuated, in part, by an unholy either/or status quo—and to promote peace for those we’ve come to know and love.

Over the past several years our movement has grown in both size and commitment. Now is the time to translate our both/and pro/pro/pro approach from aspiration to action.

Join us in March 2017 and prepare yourself for an intense and inspiring reunion of pro/pro/pro movement leaders. Learn alongside others. Reconnect with your pro/pro/pro family in a warm but action-oriented setting. And glean inspiration and wisdom from some of the greatest hearts and minds alive today.

Now is our time to act. Together.