During this divided and uncertain season in our country and world, we want to remind you of the Pro/Pro/Pro Promise. The promise that we at Telos have made to you and to our partners in Israel/Palestine, and in which we hope you will join us. The promise to show up. For the people we care about. For the values we believe in. For what’s right and good.


So many of you in the Pro/Pro/Pro community have joined us in this promise, and with your help, we have done more than we imagined when Telos started 9 years ago. And this month we are asking you to consider supporting our work financially: whether you can give $10 a month or $10,000. 

For more information about the Pro/Pro/Pro Promise and other ways that you can act during these, click HERE for a letter from all of us at Telos.




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Dear Friends:

Fundraising alert:

We are writing to ask for your financial partnership.

Rarely have we lived in more uncertain times. In the Middle East. Or here at home.

Yet the pro/pro/pro voice has never held more promise.

Let us explain.

This much is certain:

The consequences of current horrors throughout the Middle East will last generations.

Yet there are remarkable peacemakers—so many of whom you have met—who model a different way.

For them and for us, peacemaking is about posture, not just outcome.

It’s an unshakeable commitment to the common good. Beginning and ending with a fundamental truth: That we are all—each of us—created equal.

Like so many warriors of justice before us, we may never see the fruits of our labor. But our children will never taste those fruits if we fail to build a strong foundation today.


So first and foremost, the pro/pro/pro promise is a promise to show up. To be present. Not to shy away from “the other.” Or from uncomfortable truths about ourselves.
It is a promise that we won’t turn our backs on the Israelis and Palestinians we have come to know.
Even—and especially—when a solution seems impossible. 
It’s a promise that we won’t turn our backs on the fundamental values we supposedly embrace.
Even—and especially—when a dark and difficult reality forces us to question our commitment to those values.
It’s a promise that we won’t turn our backs on ourselves and our institutions.
Even—and especially—when we’ve never felt more estranged from some of our fellow Americans. 

This is the pro/pro/pro promise: Show up. For the people we care about. For the values we believe in. For what’s right and good.

Even—and especially—when it seems impossible.


Show up. Just like we see so many of our Palestinian and Israeli friends do day in and day out.

Thanks to you, we have together kept our pro/pro/pro promise.

We have shown up in Israel/Palestine. Nearly 1,500 American leaders. From faith, philanthropy, the arts, and business. We’ve shown up in our communities. And in the halls of Congress.

We’ve shown up by stewarding our talents, resources and skills to create new pro/pro/pro art, networks and curricula.

But friends, we’re still at the beginning.

And the enormity of our challenge requires so much more.

Would you consider showing up by becoming a monthly donor today? Or making a one-time gift to help unleash the pro/pro/pro movement nationally?

For pro/pro/pro fulfill its promise, we need to bring its message and practices to dozens of new communities over the coming years. And together, we need to learn how to have more impact—both on the ground in Israel/Palestine and in our communities back here at home.

Together, we have built a solid platform for change. But for pro/pro/pro to become the norm, we need to show up where we’ve never been before. In new cities and new communities. In new churches and houses of worship. And soon enough, in the offices of our elected representatives, who must know what we know—that there is no future for anyone in Israel and Palestine without fundamental human rights for all Israelis and all Palestinians.

Friends, we ask you to do 3 things this week:

  1. Write and/or donate to at least one Israeli and Palestinian friend you met on your Telos trip. Send them a note of thanks. Read their writings or watch their video. Connect with what’s possible.

  2. Connect with your fellow Telos trip alumni. Share pictures or have a meal. Recall and get reconnected to the larger mission and message of pro/pro/pro.

  3. Consider a donation to Telos. We cannot continue or grow this work without your financial partnership.

To continue and grow our work, we need to raise $60,000 in new pledges by the end of our fiscal year, June 30.

And we’re particularly eager to gain 20 new monthly donors at any level. Regular monthly donations provide a regular income stream that helps us plan.

We’d love to hear from you too! So please feel free to reach out to anyone (Greg, Jack, Jordan, Sharon, or Todd) on the Telos team to discuss further.

Together, we can grow the pro/pro/pro promise from the margins to the mainstream.

Will you show up for Telos today so that together we can grow our motley tribe into a force to be reckoned with.


Greg, Jack, Jordan, Sharon & Todd